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Polish Drilling Fluids Service has a testing infrastructure that includes both a stationary laboratory and field laboratories at drilling rigs. Our testing capability allows us to maintain the high quality of chemical materials supplied. In the stationary laboratory, we focus on quality control, checking the parameters of supplied materials to confirm compliance with industry standards and our customers’ requirements.

The field laboratories operating at the drilling rigs are a key part of our infrastructure. They measure the properties of drilling fluids under real-world conditions. Thanks to this approach, we can adjust mud parameters in response to changing geological and technical borehole conditions.

The operation of our laboratories, both onsite and in the field, underpins our ability to deliver high quality drilling fluids and chemical materials, providing customers with confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the solutions used.


“Our warehouses are equipped with efficient warehouse management equipment and devices for in-house production. This ensures not only proper storage but also effective and safe packing, labeling, and preparation of materials for transport. Our warehouses are tailored to various needs and requirements, and our team ensures that warehouse processes are efficient and secure.

Key features of our warehouse facilities include:

Advanced Equipment
Our warehouses are equipped with modern tools that allow for fast and precise inventory management. This enables us to provide services at the highest level


Our warehouses are monitored 24/7, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. We prioritize the safety and protection of your materials.

Labeling and packaging
Our team specializes in professional labeling and packaging of materials. This ensures that your products are properly secured and ready for transport.

Preparation for transport
Our warehouses offer comprehensive services for preparing materials for transport. This includes packaging, labeling, scanning, and preparing documentation.

Regardless of the type of materials we store, our warehouses are ready to meet your needs. We invite you to use our warehousing services!