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Polish Drilling Fluids Service sp. z o.o.

More about us

Polish Drilling Fluids Service (PSPW) was established in 1992 on the basis of many years’ experience gained at the Institute of Oil and Gas Mining (IGNiG) in laboratory and field work on drilling fluids and cement slurries. Polish Drilling Fluids Service Ltd. was the IGNiG Mobile Fluid Laboratory, organised in 1976 to deal with drilling fluid problems in boreholes all over Poland. Over the years that followed, PSPW gained experience performing scrubber services for major companies in the industry.

We provide comprehensive solutions to issues related to:

  • drilling fluids
  • borehole restoration fluids
  • completion fluids
  • cement slurries
  • other engineering works

Board of directors

Director – President of the Board
Jacek Pudło

Commercial Director – Member of the Board
Marek Cyparski

Management and Marketing Director – Member of the Board
Patrycja Węgrzynek

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